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Audubon Fence would like to thank you for your valued business. Please read all of the following information and digitally sign or initial each box. This form must be signed prior to your installation date or your installation may be delayed.

Underground Utilities:
We will call in for all the public utilities to be marked out. You will notice flags and paint on your grass at this time, usually a few days before installation. Please do not remove until installation is complete. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PRIVATE LINES SUCH AS SPRINKLER LINES, DRAIN PIPES, OR PRIVATE ELECTRIC LINES, SUCH AS OUTDOOR LIGHTING ETC. If we break a line we will inform you of where the break is so that you can contact someone to fix it for you at your cost. Please provide a copy of your survey to us as soon as possible prior to install so that we can make sure we install the fence in the proper location. If you do not provide a copy we will base the installation of your fence on where you told us to install it and according to the drawing.
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Most towns do require a permit. Audubon Fence is not responsible for obtaining permit or approval from township, city, homeowners association, etc. However, Audubon Fence will offer assistance as needed during the process.
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Install Date:
Audubon Fence will do it’s best to adhere to your scheduled install date. However, we cannot be responsible for weather, delivery or manufacture delays.
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On the Day of Install:
We will usually arrive at your property between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning unless the office has scheduled you for a later install and work until 5 o’clock, possibly later at discretion of the foreman. We will need free access to property, use of water and electricity for the installation process. We will be digging holes 3 feet deep therefore a lot of dirt will be left over and we do our best to spread the excess dirt out along the bottom of the fence. If you have a particular spot you would rather have the excess dirt placed please let the installers know. At the end of the installation the foreman will ask you to do a walk around with him to go over everything and make sure you are satisfied with the installation, fence height, and spacing under the fence, etc. Please use this time to explain any concerns and the foreman will address them or make adjustments for you while they are still there before signing the “Customer Satisfaction Report.” The balance due is payable at completion of the job and should be paid directly to the foreman or authorize Audubon Fence to charge the credit card on file. All materials remain the property of Audubon Fence until payment is made in full. In the event of nonpayment, you agree to allow Audubon Fence the right to access your property for removal of the fence. Audubon Fence is not responsible for clean up or damage due to such removal.
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Material may be delivered the day prior to install. This delivery will be made in your driveway.
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About the Product:
Wood Fence: Will have numerous imperfections such as knots, dark spots, and rough patches. Wood posts are prone to “checking” which is an industry term for slight cosmetic cracks- which are most typically seen on most pressure treated products. Wood Fence will ABSOLUTELY twist, warp, crack, and discolor after the install and exposed to the elements. Audubon Fence is not responsible for any of the above mentioned flaws (warping, twisting, cracking) and will not be responsible for replacing any pickets or posts or that do so. If you are concerned with this please ask for a quote on our maintenance free styles of vinyl or aluminum fence.
Vinyl & Aluminum Fence: Are mostly maintenance free and may need to be hosed off from dirt, etc.
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Workmanship: One year on gates functioning, fence leaning, posts sinking.
Vinyl Fence: 50 year prorated warranty on material direct from the manufacturer.
Aluminum Fence: Lifetime warranty on material direct from the manufacturer.

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By typing my full name in the box, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above and I am electronically signing this form.

I have read and understand the above.